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What's t-blade? And why t'blade? Here you can find out everything about t'blade what you need to know The t-blade system designates a blade system, it is based on a unique innovative technology. The development was carried out under the compelling need to establish a skid system that no complex and cost-intensive grinding process must undergo, while offering superior sliding properties. The basic idea of ​​t-blades based on the quick and easy replacement of spare knife once the tread or the edges of the blade are worn (similar to Razor Principle & replacing the blades). The almost entirely consisting of plastic exchangeable blade are provided with a thin metal strip, which represents the actual tread. In addition to the above-described change of knives (Runner), the t-blade system additionally consists of the blade holder (Holder) and a stabilizer (Stabilizer), which serves to attach the Runners. What are the advantages compared to conventional t-blade skate blades? By machining of the exchangeable blade (Runner) are in production achieved accuracies that can not be achieved when grinding a blade by hand - the absolutely constant contact patch (Rocker shape) as well as the exact profile of the hollow radius. The combination of plastic and metal yields also immense Advantages: - Due to the very small mass of metal (5.5 g) was allowed to warm the Runners faster and to a greater extent, the contact surface (sliding surface). In conjunction with the highly polished sliding surface, this results in up to 40% better lubricating properties compared to traditional skate blades. The t in t-blade called these same thermal properties that are improved by acting as an insulator in plastic Runner. In addition, the t-blade-runner is the lightest skate on the market. - By using a stainless and unbreakable spring steel, the metal strip of Runners has a huge edge hardness of 54 HRC (570 HV), whereby up to 4 times longer service life compared to conventional steel runners is achieved (The heat development in the conventional grinding process reduces the edge hardness considerably - by approximately 30%). - In addition, a good maneuverability, high cornering speeds and a maximum deceleration can be achieved. The spring-back effect of the Runners also leads to a better acceleration performance. By using fiber plastic (glass or carbon fiber), a maximum rigidity and break resistance of all components down to -25 ° C achieved.
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