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Bauer Vapor League Comp Stick Sr

TRUE 1-PIECE CONSTRUCTION that creates a consistent flow of energy with every play. These sticks built for players, which cannot afford the top sticks but they want to have a similar feel like the top sticks. They have a HIGH PERFORMANCE BENEFITS and a lightweight of around 415 grams and REINFORCED SHAFT THICKNESS for more durability (Vapor has a round shaft), and we using a 15K CARBON BLADE / AERO FOAM 3 BLADE CORE for a great stiffness of the blade.


Bauer PRODIGY Youth Composite Stick 42"

The PRODIGY® Stick features an enlarged end cap and instructions on how to tape both the handle and blade of the stick make for easy stick preparation.


Bauer Vapor X 2.7 Comp Stick SR

Get the puck on and off the blade as quick as possible. The Vapor X2.7 is the lightest low kick stick at this price point across the industry. A Max Balance Blade provides reinforced blade edges to reduce weight and improve balance, without sacrificing durability. It also contains QRT TECHNOLOGY within a quick release taper that works with the round shaft, stiff blade to accelerate the puck off the stick. For added visual richness, there's also a bright color pop across the stick.


Bauer Vapor Flylite Comp Stick Sr

The Vapor Flylite stick is designed to get your shot off lightning quick. It's inspired by our Vapor ADV and it features Advanced Carbon Layering throughout the entire stick. A full integration of lightweight, reinforced carbon fiber edges helps reduce stick weight, bringing it down to 390 grams. It has a thicker blade geometry to improve durability without sacrificing performance. Also, a new XE Taper geometry is designed to decrease weight while increasing release speed and stability.



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